Welcome to Derma-Clinic

Derma-Clinic is the first private dermatology clinic in Karlsruhe which provides patients with holistic and interdisciplinary care from aesthetic perspectives.

Derma-Clinic specialises in surgical procedures where more intensive care and longer stays are advisable.

Center of Excellence for Skin Care

At Derma-Clinic, we focus on you personally and your individual needs.

We want you to feel at home with us, and feel good about yourself. Your skin is our main concern.

Some people can suffer just as much from what they consider a blemish as others do from a medical indication.

We will deal with your problem, regardless of whether you wish to have your scars or skin papules removed, whether you have vein disorders or are unhappy about your skin's ageing process.

Our aim is to ensure that you are healthy and pain-free, and that you only look as old as you feel.
Any type of treatment must also be affordable and meet your requirements. That's why we make in-depth consultation a top priority.