Cryolipolysis – body mass reduction using targeted cold therapy

Cryolipolysis (Greek: kryos=ice and lipa=fat ) is a method of achieving a lasting and effective reduction in fatty tissue that can be performed on an out-patient basis and is non-invasive and gentle.

It has long been known that fat cells are damaged at a temperature of below 7°C. This process is called cryolipolysis and the treatment is also often referred to as cool shaping.

The skin with the unwanted fatty tissue is sucked with a vacuum pump using the applicator. The tissue is then cooled down to below +4° Celsius and kept at this temperature for approx. one hour. Due to an optimized temperature profile, the treatment is virtually painless.

In the process, the fat cells are destroyed intentionally in a controlled manner and expended and discarded via a natural metabolic process over the next few months. Fat cells are thus minimized and the fat layer reduced. The skin and connective tissue survive the cold unharmed. At the same time, cryolipolysis tightens and improves the skin.