RF Vein Closure / VNUS ClosureFast™ Procedure

The veins in our body have the task to lead the blood back to the body. Integral valves prevent the blood flow from following gravity. If these valves do not function smoothly, it can lead to a reflux and varicose veins. The veins must be sealed.

The RF (radiofrequency) procedure, also called VNUS ClosureFast™ procedure, is a revolutionary and gentle method. During this minimally invasive alternative to conventional vein stripping, the veins are sealed from within through the utilization of a so-called RF catheter.

For this purpose the tiny high-frequency closure catheter is inserted into the morbid vein under ultrasonic control and transfers heat to the wall of the vein.

As a result, this shrinks and the vein closes. Blood can be diverted into other, healthy veins.

The procedure has the advantage that damages to surrounding tissue can be avoided. Moreover, the working capacity is very quickly regained.